RSF - The Off Road Cycling Club

The Adventure Starts Here

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The meeting point was meant to be Bernies in Ingleton, which I found out the day before was closed, again. So much for forward planning! The meeting point was swiftly moved to Inglesport cafe, where some did partake  of food and drink. After a swift descent under Ingleton viaduct we climbed up to Thornton in Lonsdale and Westhouse, all on tarmac before going slightly off route to look at Toby's Arch, an Andy Goldsworthy sculpture. Then it was off road on Tow Scar Road before turning right on to Turbary Road, a climb that seems to go on and on!

Once on the top the views opened out, and we headed into a cold wind, most of us not wanting to hang around for long. We stopped to look at Rowten Pot before descending to the valley and back up to Yordas Cave. Most of us explored the cave and used the shelter of the entrance to eat our lunch. After heading back down the valley on the tarmac, we had a brief rain shower, which made it feel colder still. The stiff climb up from the crossing of the back soon warmed us up though, and the sun even began to show. After a steep climb which was pedaled, pushed and even carried by some, we were on top of Twistelton Scars. The view opened up too. We followed the bridleway north with distance views of Ribblehead viaduct before turning right down the rough metalled track past the Bogart of Hurtle pot! The wind assisted us down the road we we all enjoyed a final brew in the cafe before making our separate ways home.

The pictures of the ride can be seen here