RSF - The Off Road Cycling Club

The Adventure Starts Here



Six of us arrived below the Lido at Bury around 9.30 with the prospect of a hot day out! Michelle at the park café had agreed to open a little early to provide coffee and refreshments at remarkably reasonable prices. 


Sun precautions were varied – Graham appeared swathed in white cream, Fleur had applied a secret formula and Rob a 50 + Australian sun screen whilst I as usual forgot and now have very brown arms! 

Thankfully the first climb had a reasonable amount of shade and in the conditions we tried to ride conservatively (note the small c). As we got higher the sun was more intense but the views extensive. Any stops to reunite were always under shade and I coined the term “Shadeonistas” to describe us.

Lost Rob for a few minutes at one point and went back to find him helping a DofE group with their map. We all agreed that the Queen’s husband might have things to answer for but most lamented on the limited teaching of map reading. Must mention the politeness of the lads involved wherever they were from.

Eventually we passed what I believe to be the first water powered  cotton mill before reaching the Old Betts road. Then next left to descend a track with some unfriendly bits (Rob and John Kemp remembered previous ascents). At Stubbins and Ramsbottom we had glimpses of steam trains before passing through Nuttal Park getting ready for an afternoon of fun. 

Lunch at the Hare and Hounds was pleasant in the shade and relaxed.

Fleur returned to Bolton whilst the rest of us gently coasted to Bury down the old railway line with Eric thinking he should have kept to African techniques of starting very early in the morning. As we were finishing John enquired about a loo stop so we had a few minutes with Joan who runs Bury ‘s Wheels for All and looked at some of the varied bikes and trikes.

Thanks everyone for your company.