RSF - The Off Road Cycling Club

The Adventure Starts Here


Far better attended than I thought it would be, though only perhaps at the start and finish ! 
Nine of us began at The Adventure Cafe. Geoff, John & his Irene, Tish, Alan, Caroline & her John, Eric and myself.

John & Irene had probably had a cold night in their campervan as my temp gauge had warned of freezing and 3.5 C coming along Rushop Edge. It was though a balmy 5C in Hope with some sunshine but a cold wind. Someone did suggest that they had considered going in a hot tub but didn't have time. I suggested to Geoff that he might not fitted. No, nor might I.

After breakfast and a natter, seven of us set off at about 1030. Tish & Alan, hadn't brought their bikes, No you can't cycle with out a bike !  
We shot, plodded, sprinted in a stylish peloton (only some words are applicable and not to everyone) along the road through Castleton and on up the old Mam Tor road (closed to traffic in 1979)  I think it was part way up that the rain started, some of it even vertical. Buy the time we got to the top, it was sleeting, horizontally. I think Eric, one of the three ‘honest’ cyclist's amongst us, claims the king of the mountain jersey.  But as he'd forgotten (I wonder !) his helmet and waterproof jacket, he left us here for a pedal-less sprint down the Winnats Pass.  The rest of us carried on into the teeth of, some snow, sleet and a bitting cold wind. Shortly we took the left turn and followed the good surface past Rowter Farm. At the end, I tried manfully (well I mentioned it) to get us to turn right and head down to Perrydale. But I beleive, the thinking was, ‘That Eric had had a good idea’  And so we had a Dirty, Rough, Shake about down Dirtlow Rake. I have to admit that we got through the wall at the earliest opportunity and onto the tarmac to follow the road steeply down and around into Castleton, coming out by the green in front of the old YHA. From here we folliwed the road back to Hope and salvation.
Almost 10 miles, 1000ft of ascent and almost wet through. Not quite as wet as The Saddos ride on Monday 10th though. After some wardrobe changes etc we all went (not all at the same time though) into the Old Hall Hotel for a 'warming' lunch. Tish and Alan had rejoined us after window shopping (on the inside I hope) in bike shops & Alpkit in Hathersage. 

Eight of us partook of lunch together, including another natter.  And some of us eventually got our soup, hot. The initial offering was hardly above ambient temp !  A good day out, the weather could have been better........ 

But there is still, Hope !

Writers editorial humour has been used in this ride report.

Some statements may be true, false or anywhere in between. 

Until your wheels revolve again.