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The promised sunshine not only arrived but so did a dozen or so eager cyclists but yet again Hayfield failed to deliver an open cafe for a pre-ride brew.


John and Eddie checked on our lunch destination and set off on their own tour designed to bring out the best in Eddie’s home built ebike adaptation and John’s local knowledge.


We few, we happy few, set off along the Sett Valley but quickly began climbing up a very rough bit of the Pennine Bridleway to Stitch Lane and then past Wethercotes Farm - one time home to a pretty ferocious dog - then down a much improved but still thoroughly steep and enjoyable lane to Aspenshaw Hall when the second bit of climbing commenced.  Heading towards Broadhurst Plantation Mick and Cary peeled off to make their own way to lunch as Mick wasn’t feeling too good and we ploughed, or pushed on along Black Lane to view Mellor Cross which is now a large T rather than a cross as the top blew off!


If you want to find out more and maybe contribute to the appeal to restore the cross have a look here:


Dropping down to the Banks and Mellor Golf course gave us options - 1)  to follow the steep but newly surfaced lane all the way down 2) to stick to the old bridleway which was very steep and full of drop offs and really a bit of a challenge - well to anyone of my limited ability! 3) to get a bit lost!


Having rounded up all the sheep we headed on to Mellor Church - a real gem and surprisingly for these times, always open and well worth a visit as was the archeological site and recreation of an Iron Age Roundhouse.


More can be found out about the Archeological site here:


or you could simply have breather in the sun and enjoy the views!


On then behind Mellor Hall to Brook Bottom and up Ernocroft Lane to reach the lovely wooded descent through the woods, along the mill leat where the mandarin ducks were in fine plumage - well the makes were anyway! and eventually to lunch at Etherow Country Park Visitor Centre cafe where Mick and Cary had been whiling away the time, probably not very profitably.  John and Eddie joined us and we were complete once again.

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After an excellent lunch in the sunshine involving several of us indulging ourselves in ice creams we decided to stick together and take the relatively easy route back along the Peak Forest Canal to New Mills where Roger had a treat in store for us, a descent to the Goyt at the Torrs to view the Millennium Walkway perched beautifully on a deeply incised meander of the river Goyt in an old industrial area where the ingenuity and determination of the Victorian Architects could be seen at every turn. Sadly the much newer Hydro System was out of operation!

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More can be read about the walkway here:


All that remained was the gentle slog back along the Sett Valley way to Hayfield and the end of an excellent ride. 


Thanks everyone for excellent company on a grand day out!


Rob Newton 

Roger's photos and videos can be viewed on Flickr here:

Some of Mick's here:

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