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The Adventure Starts Here



 I don't normally write reports on the Saturday Leisure rides but people say I should and Dennis took some pictures so here goes. Last Saturday 6th July six of us met in the cafe at the Towneley Hall Garden Centre for a brew and a natter before setting off at around 10.30 to head for the Mooch87 cafe in Padiham for lunch. After going through the park a very short road stretch took us to the canal which we followed until the tunnel where we left the towpath and headed down Ightenhill Park Lane until it became a track and crossed the River Calder over a wooden bridge


We then cycled alongside the river following Grove Lane then back to the river to follow Lune Street to the Cafe (Mooch87) where tables were rearranged to accommodate us better and we had an excellent lunch and more conversation. We then followed Padiham Greenway (the course of an old railway line, now tarmac) up to the canal. I say up because one of the group suggested that the trains that used to run on here must have been funicular, it really wasn't that bad. We then rejoined the canal and cycled along it until we again reached the tunnel (opposite end this time) where we had to leave the towpath but a short stretch under a couple of subways and a tiny bit of road took us back to the other side of the tunnel where we retraced our steps back to Towneley Hall we took a slightly different route back so people could see the hall and even have photographs taken outside, Then it was a quick coast downhill through the park for ice creams and goodbyes - all in about 13 miles and we had two new riders and we would welcome more.




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