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The Adventure Starts Here

Just to make it clear from the off, this is a ride report!  All the years I have cycled with the iconic R.S.F and always declined the offer of making a fool of myself on the written page. But as today was such a classic ride, with great weather and the usual crazy nuts out there to enjoy it with, I thought I`d give it a whirl. Jude

Met up at Vaughn`s caff as usual, when Brian announced that although he was there, he wasn`t. He was going home to help friends in need. Leaving us with Keith our tour guide for the day.

So avanti we went. Myself, Keith, Fleur, Cary, Lisa. And, he just about made it as we departed, medium sized Geoff.
Up the first ascent we all arrived safely at the top, with Cary making a grand stop at the summit. We all trundled along quite nicely, through Roddlesworth to Abbey Village and going down Lilac Ave. this time, missing a lovely lady from the previous Wednesday ride who didn't`t seem to like cyclists! First stop the CafĂ© at Brinscall where we collected Big Geoff, as usual enthroned in the corner with a large coffee.Then tout suite following our commander in chief, we progressed along the Goit to White Coppice from where we left to avoid the claggy mud of the last section, at least in one direction. Over Healey Nab from the summit of which we enjoyed panoramic views of the surrounding countryside bathed in that rarity sunshine.
On our arrival at the Village Green Tea Room we meet up with Ken, looking his usual cool, suave self, reading his M.G. classic cars mag. 
After lunch the Magnificent 7 tailed off and just left myself, Keith and Lisa to head back. We did try and leave Lisa at this point talking to Ken, as she was definitely showing signs of speeding us up. Only joking Lisa, we wouldn`t have left you in the graveyard!   
Just when you think you`re safe and enjoying the ride you hit the dreaded Leadmines Clough. Lisa and I followed Keith, only to be defeated inches from the summit. Keith blamed it on the hotpot lunch, I agree cause he usually fires up this climb. We made it back before it went dark and the whole day was fantastic.
Its taken me 5 years to write this article and having read it back will probably not get asked to write another!
So again many thanks to everybody for being on the ride and a big cheers to Keith, our great Brian Parkinson understudy for the day.
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