RSF - The Off Road Cycling Club

The Adventure Starts Here

I think the first ride we had from Turton Tower was in the summer of last year, and if memory serves, it was a lovely warm and sunlit day. If I was hoping for a repeat of this I was wrong; was I tempting fate, this being my 13th RSF ride of 2016? Well it is winter and we have had a little of everything except hard frost, today’s heavy and dark cloud cover gave us a clue of what was to come; yes more heavy rain, but of course we are very used to it now. In fact it rained throughout the ride.

Assembling at Turton Tower we enjoyed a nice social cuppa in Paula’s Victorian Tea Room within, before starting the ride. Our thanks go to Paula for opening early for us.Leaving the tea room we used the Witton Weavers Way to cross the flanks of Cheetham Close, at the Three Lowes, we turned north to descend the bridleway to Entwistle. Some say the Three Lowes are believed to be ancient burial mounds, but as yet they have not been excavated, but they are quite close to the ancient enclosures and stone circle atop Cheetham Close.

After crossing the swollen reservoir’s dam at Entwistle we passed the Strawbury Duck near Entwistle Railway Station before descending to Wayoh on Entwistle Hall Lane and Crow Trees Lane. From the Wayoh Reservoir we climbed Hob Lane into Edgworth. The question now was, should we ascend School Lane to Crowthorne, or take the easier and shorter option to the Edgworth Village Tea Room?

Yes, you have surmised correctly, “school lane was out”, so we arrived at the tea room in short order. Here we enjoyed a brief respite from the rain, although its pitter-patter seemed amplified by the conservatory roof as we dined.

Leaving the village we descended again to Wayoh, this time to cross the reservoir’s southern side and arrive in Chapeltown. There has been building work going on in the village for some years now, especially near what was once the railway station; some of the new properties, although allegedly “green” in their use of energy are rather incongruous in this rural setting.

From the old railway station we re-entered the Turton Tower Estate, and the end of our ride. The unpleasant weather was off-set by pleasant company; thank you all for your support.The photographs I took may be viewed here on our Flickr account.

See you all at Buckshaw Village on our next meet, Brian.