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“You always know when you’re going to arrive. If you go by car, you don’t. Apart from anything else, I prefer cycling. It puts you in a good mood, I find.” — Alan Bennett, British playwright


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2021 Jan-Feb Vol 66 No.1

In May 2005 I finally had the opportunity to take the bike along Glen Feshie, something I’d wanted to do since cycling and walking a short distance along the western end several years earlier. I got away from Braemar hostel early on a rather cold morning; shortly beyond Inverey the tarmac ended and I was on a reasonably ridable track to White Bridge. From here the more adventurous members can travel northwards over the Lairig Ghru, a route I’ve always considered beyond me.

2021 March-April Vol 66 No.2

Armenia, the strenuous Holiday versiontal? Tom was hugely helpful. The idea grew and the plans solidified. April 2019 and plane tickets were booked with Aeroflot. They were really helpful and accommodating with my questions too. My plan was to fly in, book a hotel for the 7 nights, then after 2 days of acclimatising to the heat and altitude to head out for 4 days of riding. Bike bag and all extraneous luggage could be left at the Hotel Colibri. All good. Flights were fine; transfer at Moscow and into Yerevan in the darkness.

2021 May-June Vol 66 No.3

July 2018 I did a rough stuff route by Radnor Forest with the idea of descending to New Radnor by way of Ystol Bach Brook. Unfortunately I somehow went off course and by the time I found where I was it was so hot that all I wanted to do was get back to the house. (Volume 63, page 159) Easter 2019 we were at Kington and I was staying at Steve’s house in New Radnor. I travelled up a day early and on Good Friday I was joined by Pat Langley with the idea of doing the route in reverse.

2021 July-Aug Vol 66 No.4

Being of the disposition to be constantly scouring over maps, mostly of my local area, in the constant hunt for new roads, lanes, tracks and bridleways to ride, inevitably one finds that the original boundaries one holds become more and more relaxed in relation to what can be defined as rideable. Having ridden pretty much every nook and cranny in the local area that conforms to one such definition, and never tiring of looking at the map in fear of having missed some gem of a bridleway or farm track 

2021 Sept-Oct Vol 66 No.5

Powell Butte is a prominent hill in Portland, Oregon. This extinct cinder cone volcano rises above the generally flat east side of the city, reaching a height of 614 ft/184 meters. The butte’s summit offers great views of snow-capped mountains like Mount St. Helens, Adams, Hood, and Jefferson. Powell Butte is protected by the city as a natural area, and several miles of dirt trails wind their way through the forested slopes and butte-top meadows of the park. Every once in a while I get the urge to go explore Powell Butte by bicycle.

2021 Nov-Dec Vol 66 No.6 (Index)

It’s cold, dark and I’m soaking wet but as I shelter from the rain under the gatehouse at Longleat Estate I consider how fortunate I am to have a friend like Joe. We’re both standing here and we’re both soaking wet. Thankfully we have a thermos flask of coffee, some sugary snacks and there’s only 10km of peaceful Somerset lanes between us and home spirits are high. I don’t class myself as a fair weather rider but there are often days when finding the necessary inspiration to ride my bike is a serious challenge

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