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1963 Jan Vol 8 No.5

I am hungry and am looking dejectedly at the rain-soaked street.Suddemly there is a tap on my shoulder, Arthur has given me the tap and I turn and look at him, a wet bedraggled figure, with rain cascading from his cap and dripping like that proverbial tap again from the end of his nose. Oh, I forgot to mention, he has a pipe stuck in the corner of his mouth which sizzles and belches steam, notwithstanding the fact that he is in a smokeless zone. 

1963 MarchVol 8 No.6

Soon another rough-stuff route will be gone. The Conquering Hero Pass linking Llantysilio in the Dee Valley (near Llangollen) and Bryneglwys to the north is soon to be surfaced. The pass it at present a ’green road’ over Llantysilio Mountain and the summit Grid Reference is 171465, Sect 108, OS 1". Recently I was speaking to the farmer at Maen-y-goran on the pass above Llantysilio village and he told me that work was soon to commence on surfacing the track. So, if there are any members who have not yet been over this pass, they are advised to do so while it is still ’green’

1963 April Newsheet

For a number of years my annual report has contained the words, “ another year of consolidation.” This, of course, means that we have gradually become stronger and larger, which in turn means more work for the officials. It is reflected in the ever-increasing postage expenses, and the E.C. recommend that another official be appointed to attend to subscription renewals (not enrolments), and this will be dealt with on the agenda of the A.G.M.

1963 September

As far as I know I am the only American cyclist with a special interest in rough stuff riding, but conditions here are such that the interest of others can be expected soon. In the last few years the number of serious cyclists here, both youth and adult, has expanded very greatly ; and many of these are persons who also have a special interest in this nation’s vast expanse of unsettled country.

1963 November

The clegs were biting like only Scottish clegs can, I was per spiring freely, and I was gasping at each mouthful of air, trying to keep up with teenage Terry, a full-of-vigour Jim and fit-as-a-fiddlc Arthur, but I was happy ; being the first day out on a two weeks’ unplanned camping spree to whichever part of Scotland the winds blew us. We had left Wigan by the night train and arrived in Fort William at 10 a.m., then bought in provisions for two days before going off along the road to Mallaig.

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