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“Life is like riding a bicycle – in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.” - Albert Einstein


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1956 Jan Vol 1 No.3

Seven miles from Hay-on-Wye via devious, but lovely green roads, over the 'massif' which dominates southern Radnorshire, called Begwns, or the Goggins, there stands a lovely 15th Century church. Situated in a wood, it has no roads to it, and is thusly reckoned to be one of the most inaccesable churches in the UK. The best approach to this edifice is from Painscastle, a town’which boasts the finest motte and bailey in Great Britain

1956 March News Sheet No.6 (Index)

Herewith the last publication of Season 1955-56,  our new season commencing on 1st April next, The first of the new seasons publications will be ’THE ROUGH STUFF JOURAL No.1 Vol. 2, due to be published in May, 1956. It depends on the descision reached at the AGM, which takes place at the end of this month, whether or not we carry on with both ’’NEWS SHEETS” and ’’JOURNAL", or cut out the "NEWS SHEETS” and issue six bi-monthly numbers of the "JOURNAL".

1956 May Vol 2 No.1

About ten miles north-east of Fort William, the road on the western side of the Great Glen runs by the shore of Loch Lochy, and turns due west into Mile Dorca (the Dark Mile), now shorn of its canopy of woodland. Then for 16 miles a rough road goes by the stormy shore of Loch Arkaig, climbs a low ridge, bearing right to Glendessary Lodge, and ends in another mile at the-single croft of Upper Glendessary.

1956 July Vol 2 No.2

It was lunch-time, and here at Ribblehead in the West Ri ding of Yorkshire, 'it was a grand day with a blue sky and warm sun above us, and a fine prospect ahead. We six hao ridden up from Blacxbum the same morning, with the intention of having a quiet afternoon on the fells. Having eaten well at the small inn nestling to the railway embankment,. we slid down the hill to have a last look at' the snail stream which runs noisily beneath the bridge. 

1956 Sept Vol 2 No.3

There is a good and usually rideable path along the magnificent stretch of cliffs between Lands End and the Logan Rock at Treen, the best known of three Logan Rocks, or rocking stones, to be‘found along this stretch of the cliffs- No one, however hard-pressed, should miss this part of the cliff route, for it is one of the three finest stretches on the south coast; the others being between Mullion Cove and the Lizard, and between Bolt Tail and Bolt Head.

1956 Nov Vol 2 No.4

The RSF Stand at the CTC Rally at York, which was sponsored and manned by Yorks area members, was indeed a great success, and they are to be congratulated on a very fine. achievment and innovation. 23 new members were enrolled on the spot, attracted no doubt  by photographs displayed on the stand, and  the huge RSF badge mounted on a cycle vheel.

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