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1955 March News Sheet No.1

It is with pleasure, that is introduced the first R.S.F "NEWS SHEET”, which, I trust, will be the fore-runner of a most successful series of both "iNEWS SHEETS" and ’’JOURNALS". With the co-operation and assistance of all members of the Fellowship, there is no reason why this should not be so. The aim of the ’’JOURNAL" will be the publication of routes over and through the high lands and open country of this land of ours - routes that have been traversed with cycle by our own members.

1955 May News Sheet No.2

From Llandewi-Brefi make for Pysgotwr Fawr, a deep valley for three miles. Continue, and at the junction of two rivers by a derelict farm, is a rough track which leads to Twm Shon Gatti’s Cave, Ystradffin Farm and Llandovery. He also commends the traveller to look out for that rare bird, the kite, for this is the only area in the UK where it is to be found.

1955 May Vol 1 No.1

Here for your approval is the first issue of our own magazine, I do indeed trust you enjoy reading-through its sinteen pages. Our ‘JOURNAL’ is indebted to the Editor of the ’TYNE SIDE HOSTELLOR’ for permission to reprint ’partner Tracks’, and to the Editor of the Oldbury CC’s mag ’THE SPOKESMAN’ for allowing me to make use of ’Over the Roman Steps’. 'Nomad’ hides the identity of R.G.Robson, president of the Northumberland & Durham D.A, C.T.C., and who is noted for his knowledge of that grand country around the England-Scotland border.

1955 June News Sheet No.3

Len Williams, of Llangollen reports that on occasions, he has had to cut barbed wire to follow a track to its conclusion. He suggests that these happenings should be reported, and taken up with the responsible authorities. I don’t know how the Fellowship would stand in regard to ’footpaths’, but I see no reason why these happenings could not be reported to, say, the Ramblers Association, who make a definite issue of this kind of thing.

1955 Aug News Sheet No.4

I am pleased to be able to report that the badge has been received with almost general approval. The comments have been most favourable from everyone to date, whilst some have gone into ecstacies over it. This has been most gratifying, because the design and colouring was entirely ours, the badge makers approving it as making up a good badge, and sending us a coloured drawing without any suggested alteration.

1955 Sept Vol 1 No.2

Haworth - a bleak moorland town, drab, lonely and very weather-beaten. The Church, parsonage and 'Black Bull’ Inn are its crowning features, each with their own store of memories of a strange story - a story that has become unique and unsurpassed in the great history of English literature, for in this town was born the Bronte story. The town has become a centre of pilgrimage to all Bronte lovers, most of them being content to browse around the church, and to view the many relics housed in the Parsonage museum.

1955 Nov News Sheet No.5

Lancashire Area musterred 26 members at their ’ meet ’ at Parbold on 16th Oct, and a good ’natter’ was enjoyed by all around the lunch table. Member J.Pilkington informed members that he was on the point of taking up residence at Loch Lomond YH, in the position of Warden. We all-wish him well in his new post, and all the best of luck. The next ’Meet’ is’planned for 13th Nov. ' at the ’Unicorn’

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